Well Point Dewatering

Wellpoint Dewatering Systems From Euroflo

Wellpoint Dewatering

The aim of wellpoint dewatering is to temporarily remove groundwater in order to work in dry conditions in underground construction and renovation projects. wellpoint dewatering system is the most versatile form of lowering water levels in excavations in order to create a dry and stable working environment. This method is capable of dealing with a wide variety of ground conditions and is particularly suited to non-cohesive soils, sand or gravel.

A wellpoint system consists of a series of closely spaced small diameter shallow wells. The well points are connected to a common header pipe and are pumped with a high-efficiency vacuum dewatering pump.

For drawdowns in excess of 15-feet, further stages of well points are required and installed at successively lower levels as excavation proceeds. Wellpoint Dewatering is the most versatile and common form of dewatering able to cope with the low flows from silty sands to the larger flows from coarse sands and gravels.

Amongst other services, Euroflo offers a full design and installation of wellpoint dewatering systems and our experienced team of design and installation engineers can advise on all aspects of your dewatering project.

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