Pumps for the Quarrying & Recycling Sector

Pumps For Quarries

The quarrying industry accounts for 160,000,000 tonnes of construction materials in the UK & Ireland.  Operations on quarry sites can be both diverse & demanding and so the need for reliable pumping equipment is vital to the efficiency of a quarry site’s output.  Euroflo specialises in the hire and sale of submersible drainage, sludge and slurry pumps for demanding quarry applications.

Drainage pumps

Euroflo hire and sell submersible drainage pumps, including submersible drainage pumps with outlets from 50mm (2”) to 250mm (10”), motor sizes from 400w to 90kW and flow rates up to 35 l/s (1 Olympic swimming pool per day).  We deliver pressures up to 20 bar and pump higher than the Natwest Tower in London (over 200 metres).

The Euroflo premium range of drainage and sludge pumps are plug and pump, i.e. everything you need to start, run and protect the pump is built into the head of the unit. Consequently, no need for electricians, no backward running pumping – just plug in and pump. What’s more, thanks to a unique air valve which cools the motor – Euroflo drainage pumps can run dry for long periods without supervision.

Some of our pumps are also available in stainless steel and are also equipped with zinc anodes for further protection against corrosive or chemical applications, such as high limestone content.  These submersible drainage pumps have been on quarrying sites in systems such as:

  •          Dewatering of settlement pools and lagoons
  •          Sand & gravel washing
  •          Wheel washing
  •         Dust suppression systems

Sludge and slurry pumps

Where there is a lot of soil and water mixed together, a sludge or slurry pump might be required, Euroflo’s range of sludge pumps can pump water with solids and are ideal in tough quarry conditions. Sludge and slurry pumps can pump solid particles from 38mm to 120mm. Slurry pumps will work in applications with up to 70% solids in liquid suspension. Slurry pumps are well suited to removing mud, sand and silt from settlement lagoons


Euroflo Dredging pumps are fitted with agitators and can also be equipped with excavator arms or jetting rings, to break up stubborn solids. Excavator arms and jetting rings can be used to lift solids from the bottom of the water source. Once the solids are mixed with water, a slurry is formed which enables continuous flow through the pump.  Continuous flow means less stop-start on the pump motor and a quicker turn around on the pumping project.


As well as pumps for quarries, we also supply a range of supporting equipment. Our range of ancillaries includes hose, pipe, pontoons, floats and control equipment which can all be configured to suit the needs of your quarry site by our expert engineers.


In 1996, we made a decision to supply only the highest quality equipment with excellent customer service. We have supplied the largest and smallest organisations in the quarrying sector with dewatering and dredging Pumps. Our customers come for the quality and stay for the service. Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed with your decision.

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