Drilling & Piling

Pumps for Drilling & Piling Applications

Pumps for drilling & piling applications

Essentially, piling is where large steel, wood or concrete supports are inserted below ground level to provide much-needed support for a new structure.  Typical examples of piling are where foundations need to be strengthened or where construction takes place on land with weak soil.  Many of our pumps are used in these types of application – particularly where sand or silt needs to be moved to another area of a site.

Sometimes it is a case of moving ground slurry, such as mud or clay slurries, in order for a pile driver machine to get better access to the area that needs to be piled.  Other times, enclosed concrete buildings need to be constructed, such as Coffer dams or Caissons.  This is typical in pier construction or in the building of pumping stations, where a watertight structure needs to be built below water level.

Euroflo has been involved in pumping in many foundations works applications since 1996, from the removal of groundwater and slurry to pumping out Caissons and assisting with building dry docks.

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