Marine Industry Applications

Pumping Applications in Marine Environments

Dredging of Ports, Harbours and Rivers

For ports, harbours and rivers, dredging is a crucial activity for a number of other reasons such as:

  • Maintaining appropriate depths to meet environmental regulations
  • Flood Control
  • Sea Defences
  • Silt Removal

Euroflo supply electric and hydraulic pumps designed for dredging activities with heavy slurries and high solid content. Typical applications are in areas such as marinas, rivers, or harbours where heavy bottom-sediment resides.  Our pumps can also be equipped with excavation tools such as water jet rings and agitators. Excavation tools break up heavier solids and form a more concentrated slurry to make pumping more efficient. When a dredging submersible pump is used in direct contact with the dredged material, then operating costs for excavation and material transport will be significantly lower than that of a typical cutter suction dredger.

In addition to dredging pumps, we can also offer a variety of dredgers, along with power supply and ancillary equipment. We can provide a one-stop shop for all your dredging needs.

Pumps for sand & gravel extraction

Often sand and aggregate that is underwater can be used or resold as construction materials.  Sand and gravel can be re-deployed in other locations, such as beach reclamation, or for flood defence jobs. Euroflo can provide highly efficient, robust dredging pumps that are effective at pumping sand and gravel in suspension. We can also supply pumps that are suited to pumping heavy sand slurry.  For extremely compacted sand, we can provide water jet rings or agitating equipment, which break up the solid further.

Whatever your pumping needs, we can help you find a solution. Contact our technical sales team today on 0800 054 62 69 to discover how we can help with your marine pumping project.