Civil Engineering

Submersible Pumps for Civil Engineering

Water removal for bridges, tunnelling and more

Pumps are used in many Civil Engineering projects.  This ranges from dewatering from tunnels and keeping water at bay when building bridges.  Many of our customers are from the rail, tunnelling and civil engineering sector. These customers use our pumps time and time again for a variety of projects.

Submersible Drainage pumps

Euroflo hire and sell submersible pumping equipment which is very much suited to Civil Engineering projects. This includes submersible drainage pumps with outlets from 50mm 255mm. motor sizes from 400w to 90kW with flow rates up to 35 l/s and head rates of up to 200 metres.  Some of these pumps have a unique air valve enabling the pump to run dry and built-in start gear for plug & pump technology. These unique features make these pumps safe and reliable.

Our pumps are suited to pumping large volumes of water as well as systems requiring high pressure. These submersible drainage pumps have been on quarrying sites in systems such as:

  • Tunnelling
  • Mining
  • Rail Projects

Our drainage pumps are also available in stainless steel and with zinc anodes for further protection against corrosive or chemical applications such as high limestone content.

Sludge and slurry pumps

Alongside our drainage pumps, we also supply sludge and slurry pumps. Our sludge and slurry pumps are designed for water with high solid content. Our range of sludge and slurry pumps can pump solid particles from 38mm to 120mm. These pumps will work in applications with up to 70% solids.   These pumps are well suited for removing mud, sand and silt from settlement lagoons and ponds.  Our dredging pumps can be fitted with agitators or excavator arms. Agitators and excavator arms are used for breaking and lifting solids from the bottom of the water source. This will then form a slurry. Forming a slurry enables continuous flow through the pump. Continuous flow means less stop-start on the pump motor and a quicker turn around on the pumping project.

As well as pumps, we will also supply supporting equipment. Our range of supporting equipment consists of hose, pipe, pontoons, floats and control equipment.

Whatever your pumping application – with 20 years in the business, Euroflo are well equipped to help solve your pumping problem.

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