Pumps for the Construction Industry

On-site water management

Crucial to the success of a construction site is the issue of dewatering.  Groundwater, rainwater and surface water can all cause problems if not dealt with properly. Digging and excavating on construction sites causes disruption to the water table and needs a planned approach, to avoid downtime and possibly a complete shutdown of production.

Electric drainage pumps are the most commonly used pumps on construction sites. Drainage pumps can handle clean and small particle water run-off and also groundwater.

On construction sites where there is a lot of mud, a sludge pump might be required.  Euroflo’s range of sludge pumps can pump water with solids which are up to 80mm (tennis ball) in diameter. These pumps are ideal in wet condition and in foundation works, where the site needs to remain dry for construction work to continue.

Our premium range of drainage and sludge pumps are plug and pump i.e. everything you need to start, run and protect the pump is built into the head of the unit, so no electricians, no backward running pumping, just plug in and pump. What’s more, thanks to a unique air valve which cools the motor – Euroflo drainage pumps can run dry for long periods without supervision.

Many of our biggest customers are major construction companies involved in house building, tunnelling, piling and deep foundation work.

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