Pontoons & Rafts for Submersible Pumps

Grindex pump rafts are modular systems comprised of few parts to easily build for specific needs.  The pump rafts systems are made of oil resistant polyethene with a steel frame and can be supplied with a lifting chain.  The Grindex pump raft provides a solution to applications where there is potential for the submersible drainage pump to dig itself in the sand during operation.  The rafts ensure the pump stays afloat, this minimises the wear that arises when you are pumping in abrasive environments. It also improves the efficiency of the application as it will not need to be re-positioned.

Popular Grindex Pump Rafts

The most popular pump rafts fit the below models. The smaller pump models are available with a lifting capacity of:

  • 25kg for the Micro, Minex, Macro, Milli
  • 55kg for the Minette, Major & Minor

The remaining systems are modular and have the following lifting capacities:

  • 80kg – for the Master
  • 180kg – for the Matador
  • 460kg – for the Maxi
  • 600kg – For the Magnum
  • 1150kg for the Mega

Alternative Pump Rafts

We also provide a range of alternative floating pontoons. Our floating pontoons are designed for floating suction pipes, submersible pumps and surface pumps.  As an alternative to Grindex floating rafts, we supply a range alternative floating pontoons which are manufactured using galvanised steel. The galvanised steel forms a float cage, central support and support bars which hold sealed drums in position. Our plastic drum design makes the lightweight float easy to handle and allows quick & simple replacement of individual drums rather than the expense of repair or replacement to the entire float.

The size and lifting capacity come in various sizes and maximum weight capacities, so contact our sales team for more details.