Grindex Master Inox Pump

Pump up the volume at a landfill site with Grindex

INOX Pumps

Contractors are using various types of pumps for the collection and transportation of landfill leachate from their sites. Grindex corrosion resistant pumps are capable of handling the leachate in a way that pneumatic pumps and other submersible pumps cannot. One of the landfill sites in Illinois, USA, has 18 Grindex corrosion resistant pumps already in operation and they now have plans to replace all of their remaining submersibles with Grindex INOX pumps.


Waste Management CID is a recycling and disposal facility located in Illinois, USA. They own 450 acres of land and have been around for more than 30 years. Their site has four separate landfills, which function as both a landfill and a remediation site. It handles hazardous and nonhazardous waste, and bio-soil and corrosive leachate which is produced by the southeast Chicago metropolitan area.

Each landfill is surrounded by wells. Lift stations, tanks and pumps (both pneumatic and electrical submersible) are situated within these leachate collection areas. These pumps are used to transport the leachate from the wells to the lift stations, and then to the tanks. The leachate is then further transported to the bio-treatment plant.

The landfill owner has been a user of electrical submersible pumps for many years. Other brands fell short of their expectations but Grindex stainless steel pumps could not only withstand the corrosive conditions, but also out-perform on flow especially on long pipe runs.

Benefits of the INOX Range

• Air cooling valve for dry running capability
• Pumps are rated for 24/7 continuous duty
• 316 stainless steel construction – no corrosion means less maintenance
• Capable of handling a pH range of 2-10. Can withstand most corrosive liquids
• Downtime is eliminated – Grindex INOX pumps will not fail as a result of corrosion
• Rugged design provides reliability to reduce downtime
• Flow up to 52 l/s
• Pressure head up to 62 m