Euroflo keep it cool on London Crossrail

The London Crossrail route will pass through 37 stations and run 118km east from Maidenhead to Abbey wood, through the new twin-bore 21km tunnels that lie below central London. When Crossrail opens, it will increase London’s rail based transport capacity by 10%, supporting regeneration and cutting cross-city journey times.

London Crossrail services are due to commence in Central London in 2018. This is a world-class project, and the standard of work required by its contractors is very high. Euroflo was selected not only because of its experience in the industrial pumping industry, but also because of its management culture and its level of expert knowledge in this field.

Euroflo installed an Industrial Pump System to keep the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) cool by providing it with a continuous supply of water. The system operates by using industrial pumps and tanks located at ground level, whereby water is pumped from ground level, down to a shaft, and all along the tunnel to the TBM. Once the water has passed through the TBM system, the remaining water comes back via a filtration system to the tanks. The water circuit provides 20 litres/second to each TBM, 8 l/s is used within the TBM, and 12 l/s returns to the tanks. The inlet pressure that is required ranges between 4 and 10 bar.

On one site, 3 TBMs are operating, and the pump system delivers 60 l/s with the use of one single tank (3200m3) and one industrial pump per tunnel. On another site, the installation supports the excavation with just one TBM, pumping at 20 l/s, and a water storage tank capacity of 1100m3.

Euroflo use 37kW vertical multistage industrial pumps for the cooling system, while the TBM excavates through a major underground section of the Crossrail project. Euroflo’s industrial pump system, complete with low level cut off electrodes that are located in the pipework, will shut down if a low water level is detected. This protects the industrial pump system and maintains the TBM’s productivity.

Euroflo has employed an integrated system of industrial pumps, pipework, transducers, valves and inverter controls to maintain the constant flow and pressure required by each of the TBMs during their 3 years of operation to date. The whole system is mounted on heavy galvanized steel skids for mobility, and it is complete with lifting points, so that it can be delivered to site as a package with ‘Plug and Go’ modular construction.

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