Diesel Pump Hire

Super Silent Diesel Pumps

Euroflo provides a range of super silent diesel pumps. Our Diesel Pumps represent the latest technology in services and equipment. Our pumps are provided to water authorities, civil engineering companies, construction companies and industry. Euroflo’s specialist pump equipment includes super silent diesel-driven pumps, Betsy pumps and hoses and fittings.  The pumps range from 3” to 8″ discharge outlets and offer low fuel consumption, low noise emissions along with automatic level switching and much more.

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Our Diesel Pumps

ModelDischargeMax FlowMax HeadMax Suction LiftFuel CapacityFuel ConsumptionRunning TimeWeightDimensionsNoise Level
Super 3" Pump75mm32 l/s25m8.5m160L0.6 L/h265h860 kg1167 x 1050 x 130053 dB
Super 4" Pump100mm52 l/s22m8.5m180L1L/h180h1365 kg2205 x 1050 x 138553 dB
Super 6" Pump150mm115 l/s30m8.5m180L3.6 L/h80h1530 kg2205 x 1050 x 138553 dB
Super 8" Pump200mm235 l/s35m8.5m420L3.6 L/h110h2150 kg3155 x 1265 x 163060 dB

Efficient Pumping and Dredging Equipment

Pump hire doesn’t have to be expensive. Save time and money by hiring pumping equipment that has low fuel consumption. With us, you can find a comprehensive range of diesel pumps which achieve average fuel savings of more than 50% compared to similar diesel pumps on the market. Whether you need to run equipment for long periods of time or overnight, our pumps are designed to keep noise levels low for minimum disruption.

Save Money with Diesel Pump Hire

There is no need to purchase different pumps for your different needs. You can save money by hiring a pump that can do it all. Our specialists will advise and assist you when it comes to choosing the perfect pump for your needs. Whether you are removing sewage, water, silt or sand, our products can help. Whatever your needs, our experts can be on hand to discuss your needs and advise you on the best products for your pumping project.

Want to save money with our fuel-efficient pumps?

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