Dredging Pump Hire & Sales

Euroflo supply a range of dredging pumps. Dredging is usually carried out underwater in shallow seas or fresh water areas.  The purpose of dredging is to gather up bottom sediments and dispose of them at a different location via pipe or hose. Our dredging systems consist of a dredging pump, pipe, and various accessories, in order to excavate and remove material from the bottom of a body of water.


Our submersible dredging pumps are designed to work in direct contact with solid materials. They are therefore efficient alternatives to using a cutter suction dredger, which uses surface suction pumps on a large vessel, and requires a lot of power and space.

A submerged pump uses an impeller to slowly spin the water and solid material, and then discharges through the pump outlet (volute) through a pipe or hose. This is usually assisted by an agitator or a cutter blade to break up the solid material, which is often part of the pump unit.


The dredging pumps used in these systems are generally submersible up to 100 metres. They can handle up to 70% solids by weight, as they are in direct contact with the material itself, which provides a huge advantage over vessel based suction pumps. Our dredging pumps can be used in series, on excavators, booms and floatation devices.


Euroflo offers a range of heavy duty submersible dredging pumps in either electric or hydraulic versions. The hydraulic pumps in this range are state of the art when it comes to pumping slurry, sludge or solids. The advanced design offers agitators, cutter blades and pressure compensation equipment.  Hydraulic dredging pumps of this size or type are typically used in dredging, mining and industrial applications. For stubborn solids, the pumps may be used in conjunction with excavators in order to gain more efficient movement of settled materials.

For further information on our range of hydraulic sludge or slurry pumps, please email sales@euroflo.com.

Hydraulic Dredging Pumps

Heavy Duty Hydraulic

Heavy Duty

Pump ModelPowerDischarge ConnectionFlowHeadSolids HandlingWeight
HY2419 kW100mm26 l/s28m25mm200kg
HY35A25 kW100mm39 l/s28m35mm500kg
HY35B25 kW150mm56 l/s20m35mm510kg
HY50A37 kW100mm36 l/s42m35mm600kg
HY50B37 kW150mm56 l/s32m35mm610kg
HY50HC62 kW150mm83 l/s21m60mm700kg
HY50/108A62 kW100mm46 l/s65m35mm600kg
HY50/108B62 kW150mm69 l/s58m35mm620kg
HY85A62 kW150mm79 l/s30m60mm700kg
HY85B62 kW200mm116 l/s23m60mm730kg
HY85HC62 kW250mm116 l/s7m90mm1000kg
HY85/160A115 kW200mm123 l/s50m60mm820kg
HY85/160B115 kW250mm199 l/s43m60mm840kg
HY 85/160 HC115 kW250mm299 l/s23m90mm1100kg
HY300A214 kW200mm299 l/s34m120mm3550kg
HY300B214 kW300mm399 l/s28m120mm3550kg
HY400A295 kW300mm332 l/s42m120mm3550kg
HY400B295 kW350mm399 l/s34m120mm3600kg
HY400C295 kW400mm449 l/s32m120mm3600kg


Premium Sludge Pumps

Pump ModelVoltagePowerSolids PassageHeightWeightMax flowMax Head
Grindex Solid110/240v900 W38 mm510 mm17 Kg7 l/s12 m
Grindex Salvador240/400v2.7 kW50 mm782 mm33 kg14 l/s17 m
Grindex Senior240/400v4.2 kW80 mm867 mm56 kg24 l/s9 m
Grindex Sandy240/4005.6 kW46 mm867 mm56 kg17 l/s40 m
Salvador INOX400v2.7 kW50 mm645 mm47 kg14 l/s14 m
Senior INOX400v5.2 kW80 mm755 mm86 kg35 l/s9 m
Sandy INOX400v7.3 kW46 mm755 mm86 kg16 l/s25 m

Heavy Duty (0-12kW)

Pump ModelPowerDischarge ConnectionFlowHeadSolids HandlingWeight
EL53.7 kW80 mm8 l/s12m20 mm200 kg
EL 7.55.5 kW100 mm16 l/s12m25 mm250 kg
EL7.5S7.5 kW100 mm16 l/s12m25 mm260 kg
EL107.5 kW100 mm16 l/s15m25 mm260 kg
EL10S9 kW100 mm16 l/s15m25 mm270 kg
EL2.59 kW100 mm16 l/s18m25 mm270 kg
EL12.5S11 Kw100 mm16 l/s18m25 mm270 kg

Heavy Duty (19kW)

Pump ModelPowerDischarge ConnectionFlowHeadSolids HandlingWeight
EL25A18 kW100 mm27 l/s20m35 mm680 kg
EL25B18 kW150 mm38 l/s14m35 mm690 kg
EL35A26 kW100 mm24 l/s30m35 mm750 kg
EL35B26 kW150 mm38 l/s22m35 mm760 kg
EL35HC26 kW150 mm58 l/s15m35 mm750 kg
EL60A44 kW150 mm55 l/s22m60 mm1040 kg
EL60B44 kW200 mm90 l/s18m60 mm1070 kg
EL60HC44 kW250 mm199 l/s5m90 mm1300 kg
EL606A60 kW150 mm55 l/s30m60 mm1200 kg
EL606B60 kW200 mm96 l/s24 m60 mm1220 kg
EL604A75 kW150 mm55 l/s41 m60 mm1070 kg
EL604B75 kW200 mm130 l/s26 m60 mm1085 kg
EL1204A90 kW150 mm55 l/s46 m60 mm1085 kg
EL1204B90 kW200 mm110 l/s31m60 mm1095 kg
EL104HC90 kW250 mm199 l/s16m90 mm1310 kg

Super Duty

Super Duty Dredging pumps are a unique design for heavy duty applications, they are designed with an oversized motor to in order to be able to pump where an equivalent pump of it’s type would normally fail.

Pump ModelPowerDischarge ConnectionFlowHeadSolids HandlingWeight
EL7 5SS9 kW100 mm19 l/s12 m25 mm260 kg
EL 10 SS11 kW100 mm19 l/s15 m25 mm260 kg
EL12.5SS13 KW100 mm19 l/s18 m25 mm290 kg
EL 25SA26 kW100 mm33 l/s20 m35 mm700 kg
EL 25SB44 kW150 mm46 l/s14 m35 mm710 kg
EL 35SA44 kW100 mm29 l/s30 m35 mm750 kg
EL 35 SB44 kW150 mm46 l/s22 m35 mm760 kg
EL 354SA44 kW100 mm19 l/s46 m35 mm1040 kg
EL 354SB44 kW150 mm40 l/s39 m35 mm1070 kg
EL 60SA60 kW150 mm66 l/s22 m60 mm1200 kg
EL 60SB60 kW200 mm116 l/s16 m60 mm1220 kg
EL 60 HC60 kW250 mm239 l/s5 m90 mm1300 kg
EL 604SA90 kW150 mm66 l/s45 m60 mm1070 kg
EL 604SB90 kW200 mm156 l/s22 m60 mm1085 kg

High Head

High Head pumps are the ultimate innovation in heavy duty dredging pumps and are designed to handle everything from dirty water to the heaviest slurries and pump at higher pressure than many other pumps on the market.

Pump ModelPowerDischarge ConnectionFlowHeadSolids HandlingWeight
EL354A37 kW100 mm16 l/s4635 mm750 kg
EL354B37 kW150 mm33 l/s3935 mm765 kg
EL604 HH-A75 kW100 mm27 l/s5060 mm1070 kg
EL604 HH-B75 kW150 mm52 l/s3861 mm1070 kg
EL604 HH-C75 kW200 mm69 l/s2862 mm1070 kg
EL604S HH-A90 kW100 mm27 l/s5063 mm1085 kg
EL604S HH-B90 kW150 mm52 l/s3864 mm1085 kg
EL604S HH-C90 kW200 mm69 l/s2865 mm1085 kg
EL1204 HH-A90 kW100 mm27 l/s7266 mm1095 kg
EL1204 HH-B90 kW150 mm55 l/s6867 mm1095 kg
EL1204 HH-C90 kW200 mm82 l/s6268 mm1095 kg