Control Equipment

We offer a range of float switches, start gear and control panels for pumping. The starting equipment for your pump you will need depends on the type of power on your site and the set up of your pumping application. We can help with the start and control of your pump and advise you on the correct starting equipment for the job.

Starting Equipment for Pumps

Although many of our pumps come with built-in start gear, we are also able to supply external control boxes and level control starting equipment to suit the needs of your pumping application of preferences. We can supply these individually or as part of a pump package. Our panels come in the following KW ranges which is determined by the size of the motor in the pump.

  • 2.0KW TO 15KW
  • 18.5KW TO 56KW
  • 75KW TO 132KW
  • 160KW TO 200KW
  • 250KW TO 500KW

We can provide a control panel bespoke to your needs (such as timers, lighting, ATEX rated etc) if you have a unique application or requirements and also panels for the control of dual/multiple pumps. Usually, our control panel systems are provided enclosed, in a free-standing frame with the following features available as standard:

  • LCD display
  • Rain Canopy
  • Lockable Doors
  • Local/Remote Selector Switch
  • Control Terminals
  • Motor Terminals
  • Transformer
  • Over Heat Protection


Although many of our drainage pumps come with integrated float switches we are also able to provide external floats for drainage pumps. We offer the following types of floats:

  • Basic pump float switches
  • Floats suitable for sewage
  • Floats suitable for drinking water
  • Floats suitable for hot water

A float switch will kick into action, once water reaches a certain level. So they are ideal in tank filling/emptying scenarios, or where water level needs to be controlled such as in wells, rivers or harbours.


We also offer variable speed drives in the following KW ranges:

  • 15KW TO 30KW
  • 37KW TO 56KW
  • 75Kw to 160Kw (300A)
  • 185KW TO 200KW (385A)
  • 200KW TO 280KW (520A)

For more information on which starters or drives are suitable for which pumps, or any other questions about controlling your pumping application – contact our sales team for an informal chat on 0800 054 62 69.