Welcome to Euroflo Fluid Handling Ltd.

Euroflo have been providing expert industrial drainage pump services throughout the UK & Ireland since 1996. We supply our products directly or through a network of technical dealers. Our technical dealers are fully trained in the operation and application of water pumps, wastewater pumps and dredging pumps.

Our submersible pumps can be used underwater and in a variety of tough environments, such as mines, quarries and tunnels. They are built to withstand arduous conditions, including chemically aggressive and turbulent surroundings.  These products are also built to be kind to the environment, generating extremely low levels of emissions, while enduring all the trials of tough site work.  Our standard drainage pumps can submerge up to 20 metres in depth and with new technologies, Euroflo have increased submergence levels to 100 metres and below with our dredging ranges.

We are a leading voice in the area of large bore dewatering and dredging pumps, and can deliver expert advice as well as top-quality products and services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Control Panel For Drainage Pumps and

Application areas

We can help with clean or dirty water pumping projects and much of our previous work has been in the following industries.

Speciality areas

Euroflo are specialists in pumping and in submerged environments and have a wealth of experience in drainage and dewatering projects in many environments. We can use this unique knowledge and experience to help you.

Applications in submerged environments

Euroflo specialise in pumping in submerged environments. This covers permanent installs and temporary solutions. 

Dirty water projects

We come into our own when it comes to complex dirty water applications, such as heavy slurry, sludge or water with solids such as mud, gravel or sand.


Whether you are looking for help with a basic dewatering problem or looking for something more advanced like a dredging project, we have the capabilities to offer an onsite pumping solution.

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